<![CDATA[WELCOME ALL<br />TO<br />"FROSTY VISION"<br /> #CHILLY - Whats On My Mind....]]>Fri, 26 Feb 2016 10:34:49 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[BIg news!!!]]>Thu, 11 Feb 2016 23:49:14 GMThttp://www.frostyvision.com/whats-on-my-mind/big-newsHello My Peeps!!
     Great news! I just signed on with "LiquidSound Records" for management and this is just the beginning of the next step in my LONG journey to the promise land. :-) This year is shaping up to biggest of my life and for my career! Can't wait to get this ship moving at full speed. I'm also currently working on my new tape that has yet to be named and should be out later this year. Hope to be in contact with you guys more often. Keep your ears open and best of wishes to all! 

"Never Give Up On Your Dreams"
<![CDATA[Less distractions more growth...]]>Sun, 28 Jun 2015 18:30:43 GMThttp://www.frostyvision.com/whats-on-my-mind/less-distractions-more-growthHey Peeps!!
Hope all is well with ya'll as always!?! I'm currently enjoying this Sunday I been blessed to wake to. :-) For those who missed out I had great show Friday night back in my hometown of Waterloo aka The Water City!! Can't wait to have another "Purge". Make sure you head over to my Instagram page to see some vids and pictures from the show. I'll be posting new pics and vids on the website sooner than later...But in other news lol, I heard some great advice the other day online about limiting distractions. I'm definitely taking this to heart because the less distractions there are the more work, growth and progress can be achieved. It's time to start distancing my past away from my future so I can reach my full potential not only as an artist but also a human being. I'm all about growth these days... :-) Well, like always feel free to contact me it's all luv my way. Best of wishes and keep it #Chilly
"Sacrifice is necessary for success."]]>
<![CDATA[Now And Into The Future...]]>Sun, 14 Jun 2015 02:11:17 GMThttp://www.frostyvision.com/whats-on-my-mind/now-and-into-the-futureHey Peeps,
It's Been too Long...Lots have changed, but mostly for the better. I'm a better person than I was a day ago, the day before that, the day before that...Well, you get my drift! Lol. I'm solely focused on becoming a better individual, my family, and of course my passion, MUSIC!! :-) Thank you so much to all the past supporters from day one, to the new supporters, and future supporters to come! Please feel free to contact me anytime. You can more than likely catch me on my Twitter (@kingfrost30) or you can try my Facebook (Brent Mr.Chilly Burkett) as well. Best of wishes to all and I'm going to leave you with this...
"Life is an experience meant to be enjoyed".

Keep It Chilly]]>
<![CDATA[Whats new witcha?!?]]>Fri, 26 Jul 2013 00:02:28 GMThttp://www.frostyvision.com/whats-on-my-mind/whats-new-witchaHey World whats new??!! Just wanted to check in with ya'll to let you know what's going on. I recently signed a new deal with SMG/Universal records. It's only a single deal at the time time but hopefully bigger things to come. :-) I've had so much on my mind lately about everything from life to my career. At times I can't front I feel like just staying home with my family and leave everything behind...but at the same time I know sacrificing my comfort will ultimately lead to bigger and better things for not only me,but my family as well. I feel like I was born to do this and wouldn't change it for the world. Besides I love all of my fans and they have a lot of faith in me and I DON'T plan on letting them down. I have a new tape dropping early next month (August) called #WaterCityLife be on the look out for that and make sure you tell your people's-people about me! LOL As always wish everyone the best and hit me up anytime. :-) #Chilly]]><![CDATA[LIFE GO'S ON]]>Tue, 21 May 2013 21:06:18 GMThttp://www.frostyvision.com/whats-on-my-mind/life-gos-onHows it goin peeps?! Hope all is well. I know sometimes things feel very stagnant and like you're moving in quicksand or on a treadmill, but remember "LIFE ALWAYS GO'S ON"!! I can't front there are some days when I feel like quitting and saying may be this music sht aint for me, but there is always this invisible driving force that keeps me motivated and not wanting to stop. Trust me, in the past I tried quitting and doing other things, but it always lead me back to the music. There seems to be an on switch somewhere, but the off switch was left somewhere outta site lbvs :-D I don't mind though because I feel like music keeps me alive and moving. I definitely feel blessed with a not so average gift and NEVER take it for granted, like I use to. I say all of this to get to this point...no matter how hard things look or it seems like all of your hard work is not paying off. Trust me it is! There had been times when I handed out CD's and thought nothing of it, just to find out more people knew who I was than I had every imagined! Everyday is an opportunity to further yourself and your craft. Seize the moments and take NOTHING for granted. Each day is a chance to gain one new fan. Do the math, one fan may have 5 friends who in turn tell each of their 10 friends and so forth...So, keep grinding peeps and keep your head up! Best of wishes #Chilly]]><![CDATA[5/15/13 Whats next...?? Patience is key...]]>Wed, 15 May 2013 21:04:18 GMThttp://www.frostyvision.com/whats-on-my-mind/51513-whats-next-patience-is-keyI've been working hard and doing a lot of networking on twitter and other places, but what's next?? It seems like one day I'm moving at warp speed just to wake up the next day in the same spot. Who's to blame..?? Is it me?? Is it a geographical problem?? I personally feel that I'm moving in the right direction and I've put my self in a position of power. Great things take Great sacrifice and time. This is some of the things I've learned over the years very well. I'm a very patient man and have the up most faith in the most high. that's why I haven't lost my way yet and feel like things can only get better with time. I'm glad i have this gift and plan to use it well. I take nothing for granted. This is what's on my mind at the moment and I'm glad I could share my thoughts with you. Hope ya'll been enjoying the ride so far. Till next time my #Chilly compadres ;-)